Liv Evjen is a judge for German Shepherd Dogs.

She is also a mental test judge for all breeds.           


       About Liv Evjen:           


                #  Educated in 1985 to judge the German Shepherd Dogs

                #  Educated as a "Körmeister" in 1988 for the German Shepherd Dogs

                #  Educated in 2001 to judge the Mental Test for all breeds.


                #  Have judged the German Shepherd Dogs in a lot of countries as: 

                    Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Scotland, England and Ireland.

                    In 2011 she judged in Norway, Israel and North Ireland.

                    In 2012 she judged the Siegerschau in Japan in September.

                    Is invited back to judge in Japan in september 2016.

                    Judged a big show in Moscow in June 2018 with 109 entries in one day.


                #  Have also judged a lot of times at the Norwegian Siegerschau.

                    She will also be one of the judges at this show in 2019.


                #  She is a honor member of Norsk Schäferhund Klub since 2004

                #  She have also got the honor mark "Fårehunden" in Gold and Silver

                    from Norsk Schäferhund Klub.

                #  She is a lot of years member of the Head Commitee and the Breed

                    Survey in Norsk Schäferhund Klub.

                #  She is today member of the Honor Council in Norsk Schäferhund Klub.

                #  She is a member of Verein für deutsche Schäferhunde since

                    01.01.1965 and have got the 50 year Honor Membership from SV

                #  She is a member of the Health Committee in the Norwegian Kennel

                    Club for about 25 years.

                #  She have got the Silver Mark from the Norwegian Kennel Club (NKK)

                    on a arrangement in the City Hall of Oslo for her work for the breed in Norway.

                #  At the big judge dinner at Lillestrøm 2018 she get a honor trophe for 30 years                          of judging.


                #  Kennel INGODD is the first breeder in Norway of German Sheperd Dogs who

                    is awarded the BREEDER TROPHE from the Norwegian Kennel Club.

                    Only two breeders have been awarded to this prize.

                #  Kennel INGODD also have got the much sought reward "MIMI prisen" as   

                   one of the first breeders in Norway.

 Liv is judging at Lillestrøm "Tysk mønster" 10. October 2021.  V1 CH Rustøl's Nero and V1  CH Torcan's Waneska.



Judge Liv Evjen



  when the show was finished I meet the veteran winner DEBORAH TEAM LEGUND     (Remo daughter) and her two daughters SG 3 Nata Team Legund and SG4 Nelly Team   Legund in Open class.

Liv og Karl Otto Ojala dømmer på Voss avd. Bergen sin utstilling helgen 19.-20. juni 2021. Her traff vi også klubbens Æresmedlem og dommer kollega John G. Torsvik. Et veldig følelsesladet og rørende møte. 



 Liv judging at NSchK avd. Hedmark, Hamar 16. august 2020. BOB Ollie av Wennigården   and BOS Fønix av Sotero.  I also judge the Mental test with 15 entries at friday and the   breed survey on saturday with 5 entries.  A very interessting and lovely weekend with   about 30 degrees all days.


At the Norwegian Siegerschau 2019 together with Urban Petterson - Foto URMA - my friend for 30 - 40 years.

Liv dømmer alle tispe valpene ved NV 2019.  Her med vinner av kl. 9-12 mnd. Ollie av Wennigården



 Judging at the International Norwegian Kennel Klub show at Lillehammer 19. August 2018.

 Best of Breed CH Welincha's Whimpy and BOS Welincha's Vizla fra Tosebygda who

 get Norwegian Champion this day.



 At Hamar 12. august 2018. I and Johnny Johnsen was examination the judge Soley   Möller  from   Iceland to be a judge for GSD.  She did an excellent job.



 From the show in Moscow, Rammenye at 23. june 2018.  Here with the best female and 

 male puppy.  Litter sister and brother with father Vitali vom Kukucksland.


  Judging in Moscow, Rammanye 23. June 2018at the special GSD FCI show. Here with  

   the best male in working class.



    Liv judges at Lillestrøm 16. June 2018.  Here with Best of breed N U CH Romis Qwelle 

   left and Best male N U CH Burrymo's Frisco



  "Trønderdommer'n" Puppyshow all breed june 2017. My Veteran winner get Best in Show.

   Best in show judge was Per Harald Nymark.



 Liv judging at special GSD show in Tromsø juni 2017.  Zupras Mailo get Champion.


Liv judging Breed Survey at Stavsøra, Trondheim i 2016. Here with Team Cayiras Herkules.



  Romis Qwelle winns Best in Show at Norwegian Kennel Club show in Trondheim 2016.   Breed judge Liv Evjen, Group judge Anne Indergaard and BIS judge at man from Switzerland.


 Liv judging the Asian German Shepherd Dog Show in Japan 24 September 2016. Best of Breed Arus vom Hühnegrab.



 Liv judging in Fredrikstad 29. january 2017.  BIR and BIM longcoat.


Liv Evjen judging in Kristiansand 21. mai 2016.  Here with the best male puppy Falkøens Wasco (6-9 month)


 Liv doing work as Presse in the ring at Siegerschau in Nürnberg 2015



Liv is judging in Hashima-shi, Japan on the 22nd  September 2012.  About 100 entries.  Best of Breed  was the female Irene vom Heidenspass.


Mo i Rana in Norway september 2012.  BIR Falkøen's Oxy  BIM Falkøen's Osman


Liv is judging the 2-Days Championship Show in Belfast 2011.  243 dogs in the catalog.  The best dog in Show was the Floro Degli Achei daughter Kassieger Renata.  Here Renata to the left and the second female Kisha v.d. Schwartz Augen.  Best male was Geeswood Jay.


Liv judges in Tel Aviv, Israel in april 2011.  The best male and female was from a very nice Israel breeding.


Liv is judging in St. Petersburg september 2010.  143 dogs + several breeder and progenygroups + 20  dogs in the protecting work.  A long and dark day. The best male was a Russian breeded Zamp Thermodos sohn who was living in Sibir.  Here from the evening in a Russian restaurant.


Liv is judging in Skjellefteå in Sweden in August 2010.  Best of breed was the male Quattrogardens Grizzly and the best female was his mother Quattrogardens Uxie.


Liv was juding the females in the Championship show in Birmingham june 2010.  John Ward was juding the males.  Best dog in show was Tramella Xanthi (left) and best male was Robunas Quantas Master.


Liv is judging 18-24 month and 6-9 month females on the Norwegian Siegerschau, Lillestrøm in 2008




Liv Evjen judging at the Norwegian Siegerschau 2007 at Haslemoen.