Members of the German Shepherd Club in Trondheim in the main street during the war 1940-1945



   MEMORIES: This picture of me was used in the big newspaper of City Trondheim. Text:  "This girl are the youngest we have seen with a    national dress.



    Me and Klodo winter 1947. (Look at the house wall. Here you can see something from the german people who had taken our house during the war. It stands VERBOTEN)


  My mother Ingerid Ryen Brækstad, gründer of Kennel Ingodd, on ski winter 1947 with the GSD Klodo.


 Me and Uno, a Ulk Preussenblut son in 1953.


My mother Ingerid Ryen Brækstad at a show in Hamar 1955 with our male Uno a son of Ulk Preussenblut and Lola.


My mother Ingerid and father Odd Brækstad at our family cabin in Mosvika 1957. My father was a judge for GSD and also a member of the breed survey in Norway. The puppy are Dissy av Åsabo imported from Sweden.


 This is from a show in slo 1958 with the german judge Fritz Hartung. Best young dog in the show was the female Dissy av Åsabo (Dorn zu

 den sieben Faulen - Lola) here with the handler Leif "Ludde" Olsson from Sweden. Leif was working at the kennel Åsabo near Gotheborg. 

 Dissy became a later Champion and mother to several Champions. She was also the breeding mother in Kennel Ingodd, who was 

 registrated in 1959.